Professional Services


Document Management 

Stage 1: Advanced analysis of Documentation, Knowledge Management and Procedure Needs

Analysis of the needs and mapping of contractual and regulatory requirements.  ·   Analysis of the effect of existing organizational working procedures on the work’s progress.·   Analysis of the structure of the organization / project with regard to Documentation Management. 


Stage 2: Implementation of the analysis

Creation of, or updating of, working procedures to ensure efficient processes.·   Implementation of an Document and Knowledge Management System best suited for the project.·   Contract Documentation Management processes are established and managed on an ongoing basis.


Contract Document Management

The main operation in contract documentation management is ongoing review and analysis of all project documents.In civil engineering projects, contract documentation management is of significant financial consequences. Ongoing immediate handling of changes in the contract, enables an efficient and orderly project execution and saves resources.Contract documentation process enables the identification and handling of deviations from the contract requirements and the allocation to the responsible body in the project (Engineering \ Finance).This service ensures that all deviations from the contract are identified and handled and constitutes a major pillar in every management.


Design Monitoring

In an engineering project, design and design management are major activities that need to be monitored on ongoing basis, with reports that enable decision makers make the relevant choices in the process.

We offer ongoing follow-up and monitoring services, including periodical reports of the design status, block-ups and other "Flag Raising" features to enable a process as smooth as possible


Quality Management

Policies and procedures. We provide extensive knowledge and experience in witting policies and procedures on all levels, from global level policies (in Teva) to local construction company procedures. We specialize in reviewing the environment in which the activity takes place (such a concession  workable policies, procedures and forms as required in order to meet requirements


Economic Consulting

Economic feasibility examinations: Cost evaluations, Financial budget creation, management and tracking. Economic analysis according to needs·   Approval of payments according to contractual scope



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