The Company participated in numerous projects in various fields.

Our main specialty is the Civil Engineering (construction) industry, but we have also performed different projects in other fields.

We usually get involved right in the beginning of the project to characterize the requirements and implement a system that complies with the requirements (contractual or other) in the project at hand.

In many cases, we consult all along the project's life span, from monitoring the system to providing design stratus reports and assist with gathering documents and knowledge for the sake of project's documentation and knowledge integrity as well as to support future commercial claims.


Following are some of the project I have led in the years the company operates.


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Documentation Management



Documentation Management Project for Shapir and Pizzarotti:

The project is a civil engineering project in 2 northern sections of existing  Highway 6. The project includes 3 tunnels as well as multiple bridges.The project included the characterization of the document management system according to the project needs, implementation of the system and ongoing management of design approval process including red flags and status reports.




Israeli Government - Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport - Monitoring of   - Municipal Companies - HDR Inc. & Sohlberg Consulting

The monitoring, performed since 2015, includes characterizing and implementing  Document and  and Knowledge Management System as well as ongoing management of documents and knowledge and responsibility for integration.



Tel Aviv Light Rail Train Tender & Project – MTS Group:

The project included preparation of first and second Bid submissions, preparation of the Contract for signing to the point of ratification.Establishing the Document Control Department, assimilation of the working procedures among the project's participants and implementing a Document Management System in the project. It also included intensive collaboration with, and coordination between, project participants and the government authority responsible for the project (NTA).




Beit Terezin - Document and Knowledge Management System

 Beit Terezin is a non-profit organization (Museum) in memory of the Jew of  in  Ghetto Theresienstadt in the Czech Republic during WW2.

The project included the characterization and implementation of a Document and Knowledge management system for the usage of the Beit Terezin Museum. The project included importing the museum's collection into the system, including photographs, films and extensive metadata for each item.




Document Management Project for "Compax" (a member of the ORAD Group):

The project is in the field of SCADA systems for a very large Energy company in Colombia. It included contract mapping and analysis, creating and assimilating the working procedures dealing with Documentation Management and Design Management, executing a search and locating a suitable Information Management System and assimilating it. This project included consulting and training specifically on Documentation Management issues. 



Policies and Procedures



TEVA – Pharmaceuticals – Policies and procedures on Global level as well as extensive local level on country level – creation of policy documents and procedures in various fields of activity.




Better Place:  Quality management system formation process – creation of policy documents and procedures in all fields of activity.


 Kardan Real Estate: Company procedures.



Economic Consulting


Extensive experience as an economist and analyst for international companies and projects, such as:"Derech Eretz" - Road 6:

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure  - Highway 6 project. 

Consulting in economic feasibility examinations, cost evaluations, financial            budget creation, and management and tracking  


Madanes Architects – economic consulting  



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